We help companies recognize nonverbal behaviors that open dialogue leading to success

Over the past few years of social distancing, virtual meetings, and dependence on electronic devices, our ability to key in on many of the verbal and nonverbal cues essential for effective human interaction have become dulled. These cues help with recognition of indicators that provide early warning for potentially problematic situations and failing to notice and understand them mean hiring the wrong people, having to face unnecessary tense situations, failed investigations leading to lawsuits, losing financial deals, or missing the early warning signs of a predator.

Bodysights puts your direct, people to people skills back on the whetstone!

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Derik Clark, with 20+ years of experience working in and teaching the field of Army counterintelligence, created Bodysights to bring the body language and human interaction skills common in military intelligence to your company for enhanced person to person engagement and knowledge of how to use nonverbals to your advantage. Get all the benefits of intelligence training without the strain of a hardcore military lifestyle

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You can learn from the unique technical and strategic expertise in human interaction, body language assessments, de-escalation of threatening situations, interview techniques, recruitment, identifying deceptive behavior, recognizing techniques of insider threats to your organization, and leadership development. 

We provide in person, virtual, and online body language workshops tailor made to your company’s specific needs ranging from half a day to several days.