What can Bodysights do for your Business?

Get training from Bodysights and go from being oblivious of subtle nonverbal cues to becoming a body language special agent. Go from getting ghosted to getting gains.

But, Bodysights is more than just learning body language. Special agent candidates learn how to speed read and categorize nonverbal cues to identify client secrets, build rapport and use elicitation skills which gets people talking, deescalate tense situations, enhance interview techniques, identify deceptive behavior, recognize techniques of insider threats to your organization, and electrify leadership development.

Bodysights qualifications stem from Derik Clark, the founder's, 22 years as an Army counterintelligence agent or spy hunter. In that time, he has been a liaison to foreign and domestic intelligence partners, a supervisor of intelligence collection teams, taken several advanced Department of Defense and civilian training courses on human interaction, and taught hundreds of Soldiers in an official Army schoolhouse on crucial direct human to human skills.

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Coincidentally, those are the same skills and techniques that business pos should be using to interact with their clients and team members. Now, here is the major difference between normal teams and a team with Bodysights special agents. If regular teams miss key signals, maybe they don’t get a sale or close a contract. If special agents miss a signal in high stakes environments, someone gets hurt or maybe dies. So, we learn to notice things that can be as subtle as a string hanging from a pair of pants, or someone pursing their lips after a comment. And, that has to be at the speed reading level while still conducting all other operations.

That’s the kind of high stakes awareness you gain at Bodysights.

We provide in person and virtual workshops, masterclasses, and corporate retreats tailor made to your company’s specific interpersonal needs.