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Spy Techniques 101

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Spy School For Sales Teams

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Spy Games – Corporate Retreats

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BLEND Course (For Law Enforcement and Security Pros)

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Spy Games - Corporate Retreats

This workshop focuses on identifying the body language and nonverbal cues crucial in a corporate environment. It has tailor-made training for sales teams, hiring managers, employee relations investigators, recruiters, .performance management, conflict resolution, customer engagement, and leadership development. Ideal for employee development and enhanced relationship building. Your organization will be able to tell when others disagree, are not interested, or ready to purchase. This workshop may be done in person or virtually. Workshops starting from $500. Click below to sign up for a workshop or find out how training can be suited to your needs.

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Want A Different Type Of Body Language Training

Let Bodysights know if you are looking for something you don't see listed. We can help you have more effective legal depositions and examinations, de-escalate family crisis, earn continuing education credits for industries like HR and real estate, and protect yourself from deceptive people. You can also ask about joining a virtual workshop.

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BLEND Course (For Law Enforcement and Security Pros)

Course Summary-The BLEND (Body Language - Emotions - Negotiations - Deceptions) Course provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced body language training designed specifically for law enforcement interactions, interviews, and investigations. Created by former Army counterintelligence federal agent and warrant officer with 22+ years of experience. Topics include elements of discomfort, rapport and baseline, deception, elicitation, de-escalation, mirroring, space invasion, and atmospherics depending on course level. This course will be taught in person and participants will receive certification of completion.

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Be Confident

Interviews, presentations, networking,. Self doubt will control body language and others can see it. However, studies have shown that standing confidently creates confidence in the mind and has the potential to overcome that self doubt. Look here to learn about how to show others your best you when it counts the most.