Get Special Agent Training

Spy Techniques 101

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Spies are experts at reading nonverbal ques, speaking with confidence in unfamiliar situations, and building trust with others quickly. If you need those skills but don’t have a lot of time, get a great start with training on body language speed reading, power networking, confident presentations, and more! Perfect for when you need high impact learning in a short time. 

Spy School For Business Teams – Masterclass

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How sexy is that? Spies are at the top of the game when influencing people by getting them to start talking and reveal their secrets. Your mission: Let Bodysights take your team on a masterclass journey that guides them to start seeing unspoken objections and using a spy’s skillset get your clients and prospects to open up and break down the barriers blocking the great deals.   

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Spy Games – Corporate Retreats

Imagine if you could step away and realize the dreams of playing cloak and dagger. Now imagine the the additional benefit to your leadership team of having an experience with advanced elements of communication, collaboration, and commitment. Those are values that make spy operations one of the most intense team building activities you never knew existed. How could you know? Spies won’t tell you their tricks. But, Bodysights will. 

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BLEND Course (For Law Enforcement)

BLEND (Body Language – Emotions – Negotiation – De-escalation) provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced body language training designed for exceptional investigation, interview, and interaction skills to keep law enforcement professionals safe. Police, like spies, will ultimately be less effective if their actions keep ending up on YouTube for all the wrong reasons. BLEND mitigates that risk. 

If all this looks interesting but doesn’t quite fit into your organizational goals, or if you have a specific spy style training in mind, please reach out to Bodysights for a free consultation on how we can best meet your body language and advanced human interaction needs.