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Are you ready to have a team of Bodysights Special Agents?

Dive into the spy world through these introductory but intense and high value modules listed below. Each one will help you and your team gain powerful skills special agents use to build rapport and see things that give you insights into what your clients are thinking.  These courses can go from one hour to a full deep dive based on specific needs. They can be done virtual or in person. Starting at $497. 

If you would like to take these courses on an individual level, the course costs too much,  or if you would like to test it out before hiring bodysights, check out other options. 

Spy 101 Modules

May 6 9:00-10:00

No Spaces Available

Take HEED Technique- Body Language Speed Reading 

Learn how to quickly target  nonverbal clues in yourself that lead to showing confidence and building trust and, at the same time, enhance your ability to start categorizing the nonverbals you see in others that indicate they have unspoken objections. so you can get more feedback and close more deals. 

The most common feedback special agents give after taking this course is they are amazed at how many signals they immediately begin to notice in others during their daily interactions.


May 21 4:00-5:00 PM MT on Zoom

Nonverbals In A Virtual Environment

We spend a lot of time interacting through virtual meetings. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks is not being able to see all of the nonverbals in others. It is also very easy for people to lose confidence with you subconsciously when you fall into common traps in your virtual interactions. 

Learn here how to enhance your levels of trust while presenting in a cyberspace environment to go viral with your clients and not virus. Master the key nonverbals you might see on screen. Understand how to still read others even when their cameras are turned off. 


June 3 9:00-10:00 AM MT The Mill in Sandy

Powerful Women In An Alpha Male Room

Women can make very successful spies. The most effective ones are those that learn how to create engagement and trust without compromising their values. But, if you are reading this you know that is no small task considering the barriers in a boardroom, 

Complaining about the wolves helps to identify the problem, but learning how to run with the pack in this module is the type of boldness that will help others feel confident about your presence on the team and especially leading the pack using your environment (not your sex) to your advantage. 


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Jun 18 4:00-5:00 PM MT on Zoom

Building Rapport And Trust

Do you want to know the trick to how spies get people to reveal their secrets? 

Trust. They put in the time and effort to edify relationships with key contacts. But, they also need to gain that trust quickly. There are things you can do with your body that increase the likelihood that others will find you more engaging and trustworthy. Learning about behavioral baselines, personality traits, mirroring (but at a much deeper level than just doing what someone else is doing) are crucial elements of forming an alliance. But you need to do it quickly. That’s where this module comes in. Bodysights covers effectively building rapport but to use these powers for good and mutual benefit rather then manipulation (which ends up being a real rapport killer).


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July 1 9:00-10:00 AM Location TBA

Networking With Swagger

Spies don’t just walk up to the person they want to target and say, “hey, would you like to tell me your secrets?” Just like you don’t walk up to a client and say, “hey, would you like to buy my stuff?” (unless you think that pitch slapping is effective when people do it to you). 

Bodysights special agents use a technique we call an orchestrated chance encounter which helps you understand when and how to meet people you don’t know, leverage networks, when to bow out of a conversation, use gatekeepers (the people between you and your goal) to your advantage, and identify ideal moments to approach others. 


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July 16 4:00-5:00 PM MT on Zoom

Influence an Audience 

Spies frequently have to adapt and improvise in their human interaction operations. But, no one is buying what they are selling if they don’t fully commit and own the situation. That is not a job for the timid. But what if you are timid? How can you be confident and terrified to speak in front of people at the same time? 

This module dives into presenting with power to help you pitch to investors, demonstrate confidence in your product, and even influence yourself to start believing in you.