Detroying Rapport in 5 simple steps

If you’ve been wondering how to repulse friends and influence no one, if you’ve been dying to drive a stake through your business and personal relationships, than this video is for you.

Bodysights is bringing to you right now, 5 simple and easy steps to destroy rapport.

  1. Start off on a lie, because building trust on a falsehood is a sure fire way for it to come crashing down later.
  2. Wherever possible, try to exert dominance over others by crushing their hands in a hand shake. An added bonus to this is telling others you were just giving a normal firm hand shake and you just don’t know your own strength. That way, you use step 1 as well.
  3. Show people that memes and text messages are exponentially more important than they are by checking your phone every time they bore you with silly conversations about relationships, negotiations, and problem solving.
  4. Use barriers like putting your feet up on the table, cross your arms, and lean away from other people when the expectation is that you should be fully engaged. Go ahead and tell them that you are engaged, but this is how you relax so they should ease up. 
  5. Point at people aggressively, especially when you are correcting them or blaming them. And, where 1 finger is good, 5 fingers are even better.

Bodysights guarantees, that by using these cool tricks, people will feel uncomfortable around you or your money back. So, like and subscribe for more tips.

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