Bodysights has 1-3 day training workshops to help law enforcement and security professionals enhance their interviews, investigations, and interactions with nonverbal training specific to their specific needs.

Learn more or sign up for the BLEND course (Body Language-Emotions-Negotiations-Deception)

De-escalating for security professionals

If you stand, as a guardian, in the way of those with malintent, you  also have a responsibility of keeping yourself safe for for those who care about you. This is a course that helps you recognize early warning signs of nefarious behavior and ways to de-escalate rising tensions. 

Using Body Language to Identify Deception

It isn’t a questions of picking up on the lies as much as it is is learning when something is just a little off. The Blend Course talks about what to look for in cases of not just deception, but when people are not being deceptive but have guilty knowledge of an event, or they are not telling the whole story

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