Learn to walk with confidence in daily interactions and how to posture yourself to deter threatening individuals.

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Situational Awareness

Understanding the body language of a those around you helps to put the things they say and do in context. Also, knowing how to posture yourself depending on the situation will give you a leg up in the conversation. 

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Bring Out the Real You On Videos

Your digital persona is now, in many cases, your professional persona. Video presenters have to think about voice pitch and tone, movements, and distracting behaviors to which they may not be aware. Even business cards and resumes are moving from paper to short video pitches. We can coach you how to show others your best you. 

Winning Job Interviews

Nearly everyone is nervous on a job interview. Staying nervous will make you look unsure and lead you to forget important information. Your presentation of self is crucial, and studies have shown that when your body walks with confidence, your mind will follow. Learn the tricks to give you the full advantage during an interview to leave them with one word. WOW!

Present With Power


Some people would rather step on a bear trap and gnaw off their leg to escape than give a  presentation in front of even a small group. But sometimes it has to be done for a sale, a grade, or to win a contract. We can’t always tell you what to say, but you can learn here how best to say it with your body posture and gestures. 

No Fear Networking


Networking can be no easy task for extroverts and introverts alike. Learn to recognize the cues from others and how to present your own that makes networking more natural.