Workshops and training from Bodysights to protect your business. All specifically tailored to your particular needs!

Enhance Your

People send cues to let you know whether they are interested or not. Learn to listen with your eyes and not just your ears. Check out specially designed training that uses body language to improve building relationships of trust and negotiating. 


High Stakes Interviewing

Based on thousands of interviews in dangerous or investigative environments, this training guides companies on what subtleties to look for, how to set up an interview room, asking the right follow up questions, and fully exploiting the 5 W’s through direct questioning and elicitation

Human Resources

Hiring managers, employee relations investigators, and leaders conducting tense performance reviews will rise head and shoulders above the rest when they learn more about signals from the head and shoulders (as well as other body movements). 

Identifying Insider Threat

Outside organizations and individuals are always targeting your trade secrets, internal networks, and protected financial data. The most effective way for them to gain access to this is through current employees. Most often, those employees are unwitting, but occasionally, it is intentional. There are actually key indictors seen in the most common insider threats (both intentional and accidental) and you can learn how to recognize those behaviors to deter those threats.  

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Easing Tensions

Reading body language cues and understanding de-escalating  techniques goes a long way with clients and employees. When your employees know how to hone their personal interaction skills with each other, projects become easier, productivity flows, they can calm the angry customers, and team building works. Learn how to  focus on working together, confronting the person known as the “leadership challenge”, or ease other tense situations